Rules for Hygiene for church services as of March. 01, 2022

Because of the changed regulations, we have adjusted the order of our church service to conform with the hygiene rules of the state health authorities.

Below, you´ll be able to see the rules we have set for New Life International Church.


Everyone is welcome to come, with the exception of those who are under quarantine. Every person is free to decide for themselves, whether to attend church. We respect and support completely, those who because of possible risks decide not to take part.

Those who decide to come to church, are in agreement with, and agree to fully hold to all the conditions below. No exceptions will be able to be made from these rules:

-        People with symptoms such as coughing, fever, runny nose, problems with sense of taste or smell, any breathing problems, etc. should stay home.


-        Masks must be worn in the whole building except at your assigned seat.

-        Touching, hugging, kissing, and handshakes are not allowed.

-        The building is open one hour ahead of time for those in ministry, and 30 minutes before the service for visitors.

-        Disinfection fluid is available at the entrance. Parents may need to help their own children with disinfecting their hands.

-        Hygiene rule are posted visibly.

-        If you need to sneeze or cough, turn away from the other persons and use the inside of your elbow.


-        The wardrobe will be closed. Please take coats, jackets and other items with you into the room.

-        We are obliged to ventilate the room frequently. Keep a jacket handy. The ushers will be opening and closing windows themselves.

-        Small children can be taken care of by one parent in the front room of the children´s area. The service can be heard over a speaker.

-        Teenagers can meet in the back room of the children´s area. (Maximum 10 persons allowed.).

-        Restrooms can only be entered by one person at a time, except when a parent has to help their child. Please use warm water and soap afterwards.


-        We  will not be able to offer prayer "with the laying on of hands". Please call our church office if you have a special need for prayer.

-        The instructions of the ushers are to be respected and followed at all times.

Just to be able to come to church in person is a privilege we need to protect. Let us therefore use the necessary discipline and understanding for this unusual and difficult situation. We understand that we are not able to make full use of our freedoms at this time. Be there for each other, and let the people see that we are children of God, and have love for one another.