People in Need

As Christians, it is also our task to look after people who are in need. It really doesn´t matter, if they were the cause of it or not, for Christ did not die only for the sins that we have committed „by mistake“. Some people may have been unemployed so long that they just make it alone, getting back on their feet again; another may just be going through hard times now, and may be needing a used piece of furniture or some clothing; still others may need advice or counselling. With our project, „People in Need“, we want to build bridges, so that folks can make it on their own again. For this, we´re looking now and again for donors, that can share finances, furniture, clothing, or other things, so that we can get it to those who really need it. This enables us to meed specific needs, as they come.

A current project is providing advice for long-time unemployed. For this, we need finances for our counsellors, who invest a lot of time and love into this.


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