What we believe

  1. The Bible is the Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit. This word guides us through our lives in teaching and actions.
    (1 Tim 3,16;  2 Petr. 1,21; 1 Thess. 2,13)
  2. God is One, manifesting himself in three persons: God father, God son (Jesus Christ) and God Holy Spirit.
    (Dt 6,4; Phil. 2,6; 2. Cor. 3,17; 2. Cor. 13,13; 1. Peter 1,2)
  3. All men have sinned, they are separated from God and cannot stand before him.
    (Rom.3,23; Rom.5,12)
    To receive forgiveness of sin God commands us to repent. He gives us the new birth – the new life.
    (John3,3-5;  2. Cor. 7,10;  1. John 5,12)
    People who have been redeemed from their sin are set apart  with a special calling  – the church. It is the body of Jesus Christ  and beyond that a place where we serve one another.  God calls and enables all members  for this.
    (Eph. 4,11-12; 1. Cor. 12,7-10; 1.
    Cor. 12,28)
  4. Water Baptism is a direct command of our Lord Jesus Christ, however only for people who have been redeemed. It is a visible identification of Christians with the death of Christ, his burial and his resurrection.
    (Matth. 28,19; Acts 2,38 + 41)
  5. Being baptized with the Holy Spirit we receive a spiritual empowerment to serve through the different gifts of the Spirit.
    (Acts 2,1-4; Acts2,38-39; Acts 19,1-7; Matth. 3,11; John 14,16-17; 1. Cor. 12,1-11)
  6. A part of the perfect redemption for mankind through Jesus Christ is the healing of body and soul.
    (Marc 16,18; James 5,14-16; Mark 6,13; Ps. 103,3; Is. 53,4-5; 1. Peter 2,24)
  7. We expect Jesus Christ and his kingdom to come again, as the Bible tells us.
    (Acts 1,11; 1. Thess. 5,23)